Castle and Village of Torre Alfina

From the top of its 602 meters the village dominates the surrounding area. Fraction of the municipality of Acquapendente, it was born in the early Middle Ages around a sighting tower located at the highest point of the Alfina plateau. Its origins date back to Desiderio, the last king of the Lombards. Then the Orvieto family of the Monaldeschi first and its branch of the Cervara then, were the Lords of the Castle.

The castle passed, by inheritance, to the Marquises Bourbon del Monte following the marriage of Gia’ Mattia del Monte with Anna Maria Monaldeschi, in the second half of the seventeenth century.

The manor has undergone various alterations over the centuries: the last “restoration”, entrusted to the Sienese architect Giuseppe Partini by the banker Edoardo Cahen at the end of the nineteenth century, saw it take on this sober and monumental aspect. Covered entirely by the dark-gray stone of Bagnoregio, it hides the Renaissance elements then present, giving it this neo-gothic appearance and transforming it into a fairy-tale dwelling with an enchanted wood, the Bosco del Sasseto, where the Marquis Cahen had himself buried in the artistic mausoleum.

Edoardo succeeded his son Teofilo Rodolfo Cahen, who continued the renovation, furnishing the castle with extreme refinement and creating a large garden above the forest.

The landscaping of the Sasseto wood and the design of the castle gardens are the work of Henri and Achille Duchêne.

Torre Alfina has recently been recognized among the “Borghi più belli d’Italia”.

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