Chiesa di Sant’Agostino

The church, to which a convent was annexed, was born in the Gothic style in 1290. The traces of the original building are still preserved, but over the years it has undergone several changes. In the sixteenth century the primitive portal was closed, still visible today in its grandeur and a new one was made in stone. In 1746 a violent fire, caused perhaps by a candle that was casually lit, caused serious damage to the church, which underwent a partial reconstruction and was reopened to worship the following year, taking on the baroque appearance that it still preserves today. The interior has a real vaulted roof. On the sidewalls there are 6 chapels, 3 on each side, marked by 8 double pilasters that support a very high frame on which the cover is inserted. A triumphal arch delimits the presbytery area, which can be reached by climbing 3 stone steps.

The bell tower, surmounted by a particular bulb dome, is the work of Guglielmo Meluzzi, the architect who, after the unification of Italy, designed the most important buildings.

The cloister of the adjoining convent kept its sixteenth century features until the last century when, with the forfeiture of the ecclesiastical assets by the Italian state, it became the first seat of a military command, later, in the early years of the 20th century, home of the elementary school.

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