Monte Rufeno Astronomical Observatory

The Astronomical Observatory, managed by the Nuova Pegasus Association, is a research, teaching and scientific dissemination center, particularly astronomical, located on the top of Monte Rufeno (738 m asl), inside a pre-existing early twentieth century farmhouse, which the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno has renovated to offer the opportunity to learn more about the second part of the environment in which we live every day: the sky.

The structure was conceived to be used by everyone, schools and private visitors, in all the periods of the year, day and night, for the direct observation of the main astronomical objects in the sky, and for the realization of special interactive educational packages at the request of the individual schools. In fact, the observatory, in one of the internal rooms, also houses a planetarium able to artificially reproduce the vision of the night sky with all its movements.

The main telescope, with a primary mirror of 60 cm in diameter, offers the possibility of “learning the sky” by directly observing what the naked eye can not see, but also to have fun and spend a pleasant day or night completely immersed in the universe in which we live, using a wide range of media: interactive, multimedia tools and specific scientific educational laboratories.

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