Pinacoteca del chiostro di San Francesco

Inserted inside the ancient sacristy of the church of S. Francesco, it preserves works coming from the Franciscan convent. It boasts works such as S. Bernardino da Siena made by Sano di Pietro, The Virgin in Adoration of the Child by the Master of Marradi, pupil of Ghirlandaio and 2 precious replicas of works by Raphael elaborated by the greatest forger of the 1500s, Terenzio Terenzi, also known as the Rondolino Pesarese. Also part of the collection, are a series of paintings by Francesco Nasini commissioned by Friar Giulio, in fact the acronym F.I.L.A. stands for Friar Jiulius Leonardi Aquipendi. The collection includes furnishings and sacred furnishings including various types of reliquaries, ostensories and three copies of cartagloria.

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