Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

The Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, established in 1983, is part of the system of protected areas of the Lazio region and covers 2893 acres in the territory of the Municipality of Acquapendente, from the 774m of the “Greppe della Maddalena” to the 235m of the Paglia river, bordering with Umbria and Tuscany.

A strip of land full of natural riches and at the same time rich in tradition thanks to its 34 farmhouses inhabited by farmers up to about 50 years ago. The gentle slopes, with a prevalence of sedimentary rocks, shows intense and imposing landslides, as well as a dense network of torrents. The flora is rich in rare or very rare species, often linked to open areas and humid environments, and the fauna includes 30% of Italian species and 54% of all those present in Lazio. In these areas live and reproduce rare species, elusive and hardly visible but with a very high environmental value, whose presence alone indicates an excellent state of health of the environment, such as the wolf or the freshwater turtle.

The Reserve was established with L.R. 19 September 1983, n. 66.

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