Teatro Boni

The current theater, recently restored, was built at the end of the nineteenth century by the entrepreneur Tommaso Boni and is part of a centuries-old tradition that has been located in many places, starting from the medieval churchyard of the Franciscan church of Santa Maria, used in the 15th century for the sacred representations. Then the Palazzo Vescovile welcomed inside a small theater, of which the hall in the eighteenth-century wing remains.

The epoch of major theatrical activity is certainly the 19th century, when the new bourgeois political class certainly did not escape the need for a city theater structure. The Teatro dell’Orto was built, inaugurated in 1802 with a wooden box format, located in the area of ​​the Augustinian monastery gardens, and the open-air theater in the garden of Palazzo Viscontini, named after Girolamo Fabrizio, with an arena and 7 masonry boxes. Where the Orto Theater was destroyed, the new Boni Theater was built. Likewise, the private theater of Palazzo Viscontini was destroyed, to be replaced by the Cordeschi Amphitheater, built by the noble family.

The internal structure of the Boni theater consists of a stage, an auditorium, three tiers of boxes and a gallery, according to the architectural styles of the time, accompanied by a valuable decorative apparatus, relief parts in plaster, paintings, lamps in style up to the large chandelier that dominates the audience.

Today it is called the “little pearl” of Acquapendente.

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