Torre del Barbarossa

Last vestige of the ancient Castle of Federico I Barbarossa, destroyed by the population following the rebellion of 1166, where the story is tinged with the miraculous. A dry cherry tree that, for a miracle of the Madonna, suddenly covered itself with flowers, launches the sign of rebirth, of freedom: the outcome of the conspiracy that the people prepared against the tyrant. The sign of destiny was clothed with weapons and the courageous countrymen finally succeeded in rebelling against the imperial dominion, razing the castle that represented its power and regaining their freedom. From this heroic gesture originates the tradition of the Pugnaloni and the feast of the Madonna del Fiore, held on the third Sunday of May.

The current shape of the imposing tower is a remake of the nineteenth century, consisting of three orders: the pyramid-shaped base, the central part with the large clock dating back to 1588, the upper level with another crenellated tower. L’orlogione, as the Aquesians call it, has for centuries marked the city’s time. Under the tower the public park of the city, which has replaced the gardens and vineyards of the nineteenth-century cultivation.

From this place one can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city and the surrounding area.

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