The history of the monuments and the enchantment of the woods

Hides a magical place where nature and history convey deep sensations. The Bosco del Sasseto, a forest that for centuries has been home to secular trees with twisted branches and evocative trunk forms. But there is also the Nature Reserve of Mount Rufeno, which, with its three thousand hectares of forest, is a true spectacle of nature.

On the other hand, a bit of attention for astronomy is not lacking, as Acquapendente is home to the Astronomical Observatory, a centre specialising in educational research and scientific dissemination.



The Feats of Pugnaloni

The Feats of Pugnaloni

The Feats of Pugnaloni is one of the oldest folkloristic celebrations in Tuscia called the Festa di Mezzomaggio, in honor of the Madonna del Fiore.

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