Bosco monumentale del Sasseto

The wood of the Sasseto appears imbued with a sense of transcendence, or perhaps a precise genius loci, which can be felt in the shadow of the majestic foliage, walking among the moss-covered boulders. Here is preserved the true story of the man who, at the end of the 1800s, loved these wild woods to the point of making them, respectfully, accessible and elected them to be his last and definitive residence: Edoardo Cahen. Those who walk today in the rugged landscape of Sasseto do not realize that they walk on massifs, now camouflaged, to which they owe the wonder of the continuous discovery that the forest generates. And perhaps he does not even know that this curious tomb, half-buried by plants, has since 1894 the marquis Edoardo as the only and eternal guest. The natural monument was established with D.P.R.L. 11 May 2006, n. 167. The Municipality of Acquapendente acquired the forest, together with the historic garden of the castle of Torre Alfina, in October 2018.


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